About This Site

This site allows healthcare consumers to compare information about various services and charges at New Jersey’s acute care hospitals. Hospital pricing and medical billing can be complicated. This site, first launched in 2007, aims to answer consumer questions about hospital pricing, medical bills and assistance programs.

Our search feature allows users to find hospital charges for a variety of medical services. Most healthcare consumers will never be expected to pay these rates. These “charges” are more like a sticker price on a car, a starting point that is reduced dramatically for most customers. Insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid all pay hospitals at rates far below these charges. Those actual amounts vary from one case to the next and unfortunately can’t be accurately included in this listing.


Why Are
Charges So High?

Hospital “charges” are a price point listed on paper but actually are used very little in the real world. They are the result of a broken and
complex system in which hospitals are paid for their services.
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Get The Price
Info You Need

This site lists hospital “charges,” but nine out of 10 people will pay rates much, much lower than the rates
listed here. To find the most
accurate information for you,
follow these suggestions.
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Assistance Program

New Jersey hospitals treat all patients, including those who can’t afford to pay for their care. There are several programs to assist New Jersey residents who have trouble paying for their medical costs.
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This guide helps consumers understand where to get
answers to their questions about healthcare prices, compare prices among providers and manage
their out-of-pocket costs.
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